My Accurate Clairvoyant Tarot Card Readings Are $40 Dollars


Spiritual Healing For The Body, The Mind, And The Spirit.


My Price Ranges:


Black Magic Removal-$350 to $500


Black Magic Reversal-$450 to $600


Spiritual Cleansings-$90 to $190


Protection Spells-$200 to $350


Special White Magic Spells Requests-$90 to $600


To Contact Me For Spiritual Work:


All Of My Work Is Guaranteed! You Will Notice Results Within A Very Short Time That I Begin The Work. After One Month And Then On  You will Significantly See A Change In Your Life And/Or The Things That You Want To Happen.

Would You Like To Set Up An Appointment?

 I work with  very powerful loas, along with the spirits of my ancestors and other familiar spirits. They guide and work with me throughout my everyday life, giving me the ultimate direction and protection.

Spiritual work is not something that should be taken lightly, if one doesn't know what they are doing the work can backfire and result in serious consequences. You have to have the knowledge, faith and dedication.

I have been working magic for over twenty years now and have got even deeper into it do to my nature. I use most of my power to do good. I only reverse black magic to those who try to do me harm and for those who deserve it.

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